DRPE is experienced and qualified to perform a wide variety of surveying that may be required in the construction, mining, oil and gas, land development, or residential fields. DRPE survey crews are proficient, capable and cross trained in all types of surveying and surveying equipment. Our crews are well equipped with 4 wheel drive vehicles and all terrain utility vehicles to access the most remote locations quickly and efficiently. We utilize a variety of modern surveying equipment as required for each specific project such as:


Honaker, VA, surveying • Automatic Level

• Digital Theodolites
• Total Electronic Distance Measure (EDM) Stations
• Imaging and Robotic Stations
• Prismless Stations
• Static Global Positioning Surveying (GPS)
• Real Time Kinetic (RTK) GPS
• Mapping GPS


Our surveying equipment is equipped with electronic data collection systems and software to allow our crews to make complex surveying calculations in the field and on the go.  This reduces the amount of time required in the office to calculate survey data.

Please check the links for additional information on the types of surveying available.


• Land and Property
• Control Surveys
• Construction Stakeout
• Control Surveying
• Volumetric Surveying
• Oil and Gas Well Surveying
• Surface Mine and Quarry Surveying
• Underground Mine, Tunnel, and Pipeline Surveying
• Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Global Positioning Surveying (GPS)
• Subsidence and Deformation Surveying
• Quality Control Surveys