DRPE is qualified and capable of providing a single source for a wide variety of civil engineering and design services.  We have the innate ability to evaluate our client’s land resources with specific goals and provide the client with a product to fully meet their needs and ultimately protect the environmental resources and the public’s health and safety.  Our civil engineering services include:


Civil Engineering• Site design and land grading plans
• Cut/fill and spoil balance calculations
• Stability of cut and fill slopes
• Erosion and sediment control plans
• Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
• Road design and geometrics
• Pond, impoundment, and embankment design


• Watershed evaluation and hydraulic channel designs
• Stream and wetland delineation
• Stream and wetland mitigation and compensation plans
• Storm water sewerage systems
• Sanitary sewerage systems, conventional and alternative onsite sewage systems for
commercial and residential applications
• Water supply systems and pump designs
• Phase I environmental assessments
• Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans for oil storage facilities


DRPE civil engineers are qualified and experienced with local, state, and federal regulations governing our civil engineering projects.  We can meet and provide presentations to local land planning authorities, obtain approvals with local soil and water conservation agencies, and any additional environmental permitting required at the state and federal level.